Prayer for Pregnant Women

Saint Ann, many women are grateful to you for a happy childbirth. They have prayed to you with confidence and you have heard their prayer.

Many mothers, suffering like you from temporary infertility, turned to you for help and were granted a happy pregnancy.

Others feared for their life while giving birth. But, you have calmed their hearts and today they are happy with their children.

Some were advised to resort to pernicious abortion. But, they trusted in you and have refused this rampant crime.

With the faith and confidence of a child, I come to put myself under your protection. I pray today and will pray to you every day for myself and for this lovely little being I am bearing within me.

Obtain for me a trouble-free childbirth. Protect both of us! Keep us in good health! Bless also my husband and all my family.

Saint Ann, grant a special protection to this little child about to be born. I consecrate it to the Lord and your daughter Mary.