Prayer for Married People

Saint Ann, make us understand the beauty and dignity of Christian marriage! May the spouses above all, and the young too appreciate the greatness of the vocation to marriage according to God’s plan.

God has created man and woman with a natural inclination to unite in one flesh and to procreate children destined to live happy (Genesis 2, 24; 1, 28).

In this world, where so many have lost the notion of God and belittle the supernatural and even the natural values of life, do pray, Saint Ann, that spouses may find again the true way to love, happiness and life.

Would that they were united in genuine affection and become day by day a better sacrament, a more perfect sign of God’s love for mankind and of Christ’s love for His Church! Protect them against misunderstanding and separation! Make them responsible
educators of their children!

Bless us, Saint Ann, bless all the married persons, especially those who are facing serious problems.