Prayer for a Cure

Saint Ann, beginning in the Middle Ages, Christians invoked you to intercede with our Lord on their behalf. They begged you to obtain a cure for their sickness or infirmity.

Now, I come to you with faith and confidence and ask you for help. I am afflicted and distressed with my illness and am suffering. The fear of an ominous future drains what is left of my hope. I worry for myself and for those I love. I know you can help me recover both health and hope.

You, Saint Ann, are so powerful and merciful and I trust in you. I trust that if you intercede for me, things will go better. It will become easier for me to praise God, to be generous, and to serve others thanks to my restored health.

I make this request for the health of my body and for the health of my soul. I also pray for all those who suffer on earth, for all the sick
confined to bed, at home or in the hospital.

Come to my aid, Good Saint Ann, and work for all of us today, the wonders you have wrought in the past.