Morning Prayer

Lord Jesus, a new day is breaking and the munificence of your power
subtly dawns upon me. In the freshness of every morning, I sense another parcel of your Creation, which is but the overflow upon us of your superabundant life and love.

I take this day as a gift from You, O Lord, and readily accept whatever it will bring me: sunshine or rain, gladness or pain. I hasten to thank You for all the favors and graces You are going to
shower on me during this coming day. I give You thanks for all my brothers and sisters who fail to do so, as if a bird could refuse to sing or a flower to smell good.

My prayer soars to You, O Lord, in order to make every moment of this day a praise to You, an act of adoration, a homage from my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength. I, likewise, want to love my neighbor.

May this day be a seed of eternal life!

Saint Ann, I love and venerate you. Lend me a hand with your daughter, the Virgin Mary, so that I may avoid sin, love my God and serve my neighbor.