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  1. I order Saint Ann’s Shrine oil due to me having deep depression problems. I anoint myself and pray every morning and night. I must say I’m back to my normal self. Thank You

  2. St.anne please with Faith and trust I pray you interceed for my sister’s and I to get a good Husband🙏
    Since 2019 I have prayed for a husband
    2021 I said a novenna prayer to you
    This is 2022 no sign yet dear st.anne😭🙏
    Pleaseeeeee,let this year not pass me by
    My faith weakens by the day😢

  3. Dear Scott,
    I’ve had a long history of devotion to St. Ann probably because my parents named me Ann. When I was in elementary school, my father took us from Flushing, New York, to Canada to visit the Shrine of St. Ann. What I remember most was all the baby shoes hanging in the back of the church. Years ago there was a saying: “St. Ann, St. Ann, bet me a man” for ladies who wanted to have a happy marriage! In 1997 I made a special pilgrimage again to St Ann’s under the auspices of the Franciscans in NYC. My brother was diagnosed with a virulent type of leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. He was a Vietnam veteran and a member of the Legion of Honor of the NYPD and was facing a formidable foe. Doctors in Sloan Ketttering Memorial Hospital didn’t give him favorable odds. I participated in all the activities at the shrine. The most moving was the candlelight rosary. I had the honor of being asked to be an EM at our mass in the basement of the shrine. I turned out to be a 6 out of 6 match for my brother who underwent horrendous rounds of chemo and very powerful radiation. We were all grateful that I was a match for my brother. On Valentine’s Day he received my bone marrow and lived for twenty years. The doctors didn’t factor in the power of prayer, especially prayers to St. Ann, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus.

  4. St. Ann, please pray for my nieces and nephews that all will be bless with a good parament with the government after their studies. Help to do well in their studies too. Help them also to be good children and to be godly children too. Thank you.

  5. Saint Ann please pray for my brother Arthur? Please pray for Father God to help heal Arthur with the challenge he is facing financially and emotionally ? Please make him believe in God and Jesus Christ? Help us please ? Amen

  6. Saint Ann please pray that my son J.G. secures the Store Stockroom Clerk position/job – where he has been a flexi staff member for over three years now. Saint Ann please pray that my son J.G. secures this promotion with a wonderful pay increase and that my son J.G. is finally made a permanent employee. Thank YOU SAINT ANN. Glory be to God. amen. Glory be to God. amen

  7. Saint Ann please pray that my son J.G. secures the Store Stockroom Clerk – where he has been a flexi staff member for over three years now. Saint Ann please pray that my son J.G. secures this promotion with a wonderful pay increase and that my son J.G. is finally made a permanent employee. Thank YOU SAINT ANN. Glory be to God. amen. Glory be to God. amen

  8. Please St Anne all of my daughters friends have significant others and are getting married but she has not yet found a soul mate. I am praying for her to find a good Godly man. It seems right now my prayers are falling on deaf ears. I am getting so frustrated and anxious. Please help me keep the faith that she will meet a good man.

  9. Dear St Anne,

    Please intercede for me so that I meet my husband. I want to have love and to be loved deeply like Isaac loved Rebecca. I also want to have blessings for children like you did. Amen

  10. St. Anne thank you for the gift of faith you’ve given to us! Please intercede for me to heal and restore my broken relationship with Jacob. If it’s in your will please bring me my husband along with the group of 175 women that are praying your novena with me!

  11. Dear saint Anne please ask your daughter to bring my petition to her son for the request of a Godly husband for my daughter Katie

  12. Loving st anne grant my heath petition for me grant me peace of mind
    Thank you st anne with all my heart

  13. Thank you saint ann for answering my prayers. I have prayed to you every night and my prayers are being answered

  14. PamS.
    Please help my 89 year old mother from suffering from back pain and dementia Please let her get her strength back so she can feel she has a purpose. Please take away her pain.

  15. Bring into my Son’s Catholic women that they can marry. Restore the relationship between my oldest son and his lost love .

  16. Saint Ann please bring me and my husband together in union in the fastest possible time line 🙏

  17. St Ann please pray for my cousin that she may be completely healed from all malignant cells. Help her to be at peace and to trust in You because with You, all things are possible. Thank you in advance, St. Ann, for hearing my prayers! In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen🙏

  18. Saint Ann, Ever since I knew you are our grandmother, which I didn’t know before, Knowing now how holy you are, please intercede for me in guiding me the way to reach out for my soulmate husband, I need him, I am tired to live alone, I have so much love to give him, and make a great couple, so we can build together something for our future, and share the love of our God together . I have strong faith in you, and fully trust that you will grant me what I am asking you for .
    Thank you Saint Ann for hearing my prayers . Amen 🙏.

  19. Dear St. Ann, please intercede for me and guide me to my godly husband. I am lonely. I am ready to be someone’s wife. I trust you, hear my prayer.

  20. Dear St. Ann, please intercede for me to find a godly husband. I am ready to be a wife. I am lonely. I trust you, hear my prayer.

  21. St Ann pls help our marriage, make it holy and strong and help us connect with one another again. and financial help either good job for me and help us get our own house ,and also of all the stalking and gossip and lies going around and ease my mental stress.Thank you my Mother.

  22. Dear St. Anne
    I chosen your name as a young child to be my spirtual confirmation name. At my young age I felt with all my heart what a special lady you are to me the mother of Our Lady and grandmother mother of Jesus. I have always look upon for help as any grandmother would give to their grand children. Even thought I am old please think of me always I need help to cure my long battle of liver cancer I was never a drinker or a smoker. I need to live to take care of my sick niece whom I have taking care of since her birth. She have suffer all her life with bone, lung, trachea, heart, joint, contracted muscle, blindness, Please intercede for her I am most worry because no one will take care of her. She has her mental ability and she is terrified of having to to a nursing home we visit some awful place because we are not rich the worse of the worse. I always called on you to watch over her while I get my treatments please continue to help her find a loving home for her she is only 32 yo. She just want to walk better and have have sight and breath normal without a trach tube or ventilator machine.

  23. St. Ann please intercede on behalf of my Mom she’s been suffering with excruciating back pain every day and it seems to be getting worst. My mom is very active and the pain seems to be slowing her down she loves to sew and garden. St. Ann thank you for bringing her pain and suffering to our Lord. Amen

  24. St. Ann please pray for my family especially my son as he struggles with his marriage, his wife is very strong headed and because they come from two different walks of life he is having difficulty getting through to her. He started drinking and now it’s affecting his job. Please St. Anne intercede on his behalf as he loves his children dearly. I thank you for the miracle that you will present to our Lord on my families behalf. I love and thank you Amen.

  25. Dearest st. Anne I humbly request you to pray for me such that God can bring back my man who left me five years ago with a daughter let him see the best in me, love and take me the altar and if we are not met to be kindly st Anne pray /bring me a husband as fast as you can.
    St Anne pray for me to get a job and a spirit of obedience.
    I love you s.t Anilove

  26. St Anne please pray for my daughter that she will be open to rekindle her relationship with the man who loves her unconditionally. He wants to try again and now he wants her to try again too. Please help open her heart to him again so they can start.

  27. Dear St. Anne, please help me pray for my daughter that she may open her mind eyes and heart to a young man who loves her dearly. Please help guide her heart back to him again and give their relationship another chance. He loves her and wants to try again. Please St Anne I pray to you to help guide her heart back to him again. Amen

  28. Dear St. Anne, grant me compassion and the insight needed to obtain the right source of income. Fear is paralyzing me. I’m on my own. Thank you St. Anne

  29. Dear St Anne, please pray for my daughter DML, please ask for your intercession to bring her and JRH back together in a loving relationship soon. She truly loves him. Please have JRH realize truly miss her and realize how he needs to put more effort into the relationship and both willing to give their relationship another chance now. Please do not let too much time pass so that they get back together soon.

  30. St Anne please pray for my daughter for her healing, to find a new job, hope and encouragement and a man of faith to marry

  31. St Anne, I ask for your intercession to bring Lloyd back to me as a husband one day, and that God would bless our relationship to be better than ever. If that is not God’s will, please St Anne, find me a husband – someone patient, thoughtful, level headed, smart, attractive(to me), honest and loving. Someone whom I can love and respect and who will have love and respect for me. St Anne, St Anne, bring me that man, as fast as you can!

  32. Hi, I have a quite interesting testimonial. My mother wanted children and prayed, but was without children for a while. That was until my grandmother, her mother, began praying to Saint Ann. Parishioners from her church joined in praying to Saint Ann. My mother, whose name is Ann, also asked for Saint Ann’s intercession. Soon enough, my mother was pregnant with me and my twin sister. We were born on Saint Ann’s feast day! My existence is a testimony to Saint Ann’s powerful intercession.

  33. I just wrote my testimonial below, but I forgot to mention that my mother’s name is also Ann.

  34. Hi, I have a quite interesting testimonial. My mother wanted children and prayed, but was without children for a while. That was until my grandmother, her mother, began praying to Saint Ann. Parishioners from her church joined in praying to Saint Ann. Soon enough, my mother was pregnant with me and my twin sister. We were born on Saint Ann’s feast day! My existence is a testimony to Saint Ann’s powerful intercession.

  35. Have been praying to St Anne that my 35 year old daughter will find a husband and be happy.

  36. Having been praying the St. Ann novena for my daughter and she is happy with the man in her life. I will always pray for my daughters to meet their soulmates.

  37. Having been praying the St. Ann novena for my daughter and she is happy with the man in her life. I will always pray for my daughters to meet their soulmates.

  38. St Anne please intercede for me to find a godly husband and for an urgent financial breakthrough, I am suffering don’t know which way to turn.


  40. Thanks for calling me!!. Hep me to know you more and more so I can live by your example as a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother to all. Thanks for your intersession in the healing process that have started in me and my family & Blessed be Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, fountain of all Graces.

  41. Dear St. Anne I come to you and ask for your intercession praying that you can bring me a godly husband. I trust in you and know in my heart you will. Amen.

  42. Dear St Ann,
    Please intercede for my most urgent intentions, the protection of my three grandchildren and the miraculous healing of my untreated painful hernia affliction,

  43. Dear St Ann, please intercede for my son to be cured of autism. Please intercede for me before Our Lord Jesus that if it is God’s Holy will, that He sends me a husband and foster father to protect us. Always gratefully, Sandra

  44. So a couple years back I obtained some samples of St Anne’s blessed oil and holy prayer cards of saint Anne well what happened was about during that time my uncle Donald he had liver cancer and he didn’t have much time at the most a day or two he lived across the other part of the country from where I live my aunt and uncle and cousins they went to go see him I wasn’t able to go but I sent with my aunt some samples of the Saint Ann holy oil and the holy card of Saint Anne when they got there he was in his bed from what I understand he couldn’t move they’ve already said goodbye well my aunt decided to anoint you with the Holy oil and pray the prayer my cousin told me he never seen anything like that in his life before my uncle got up out of bed was able to live an extra week of life before he reposed spending time with my aunt and doing things that he enjoyed such as scratching his lotto tickets and smoking and talking with my uncle and that’s a miracle because she didn’t just obtain for him through her intercession to to Mary the most Holy mother of God one day extra of life but an entire week of normal life before he reposed

  45. Please St. Anne intecessed from our holy mother for the healing of my 4 years child “Charlotte,” she suffered from autism. It’s not only her that struggles, but the whole family struggles with her. Please please pray for her healing

  46. Please St Ann if it is Gods will bring me my husband. If this is not your plan please I ask for clarity and confidence in understanding what is your will for me. I love you & trust in You! Thank you for everything and all of your guidance and protection

  47. Please intecrede for my family st.anne..i am a catholic my partner is of no faith..he doesnt seem to understand the importance of marriage….please bless my family and lead us to the altar of your grandson jesus christ my lord and saviour

  48. Dearest Saint Anne,
    Please pray for my son, that he comes back to his faith & journey with your beloved grandson Our Lord Jesus. Please ask your precious daughter to intercede also in finding a beautiful loving Faith-filled woman to marry.
    Thank you 🙏🏼

  49. Please St Anne please help my son Alex find inner peace, love with a girl who will respect him and love him for who he is, and please help him find employment that is fulfilling in his life. Thank you.

  50. St Anne,
    If it’s Gods will, please give me clarity and help me to find a spouse to spend the rest of my life with

  51. Please St. Ann, pray for me through this. Cancer and the pain I suffer in my back and ribs. Please go to your precious daughter our Most Holy Mother and ask her intercession. Thank you.

  52. St Anne I have had so many things go wrong in my body the past few years. From arthritis to cancer. Please intercede with your Grandson so I might be healthy again

  53. St Anne,
    Please help me pray for a family member diagnosed with ALS we can not bear to see her suffer from this awful disease. Lord please spare her life and heal her
    We need a miracle God you can change things very quickly so please send us a miracle

  54. St Anne please, help me with my new Diagnosis of cancer..please ,let me hear a treat meant from the Drs that isn’t chemo..I need a miracle

  55. Please help my son to loose the anger and aggression,help him find work he likes, and bless his wife and kids,his wife just had a Bleed on her Brain..

  56. Dear St Anne, I have bern praying for almost 2 decades and I can’t count the times i prayed novenas, I am desperate, please send me a good man who is just the right one for me and let me see the truth about the one I thought he is the one
    I am totally lost and depressed
    Please do answer my prayer

  57. Saint Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin, please find me a husband. May he be upright, loyal, sincere, and pure. Please St. Anne, I feel called to nothing else but to the sacrament of Matrimony. Hear my daily prayers and obtain my request.

  58. Please send me a spouse who is good, honest, Loyal and Christian. Someone loving and kind who is educated and does well for himself. Someone I have a mutual respect and attraction to. Someone who is understanding of my beliefs. Someone of sound health and mind. Please I pray!

  59. After over 2 years of severe pain and being unable to walk due to a spinal injury, and 3 surgeries, I said a Novena to St Anne to make the 4th surgery work. It did! I have no pain whatsoever and I thank St Anne for her help.

  60. St. Ann, please pray that my son will find employment very soon, please pray that he will get the job that he had an interview for and that something good will happen for him so his life can get moving on for the better. Thank you St. Ann

  61. St. Anne please intercede for the complete healing of hemorrhagic stroke of your daughter Paulette Jackson who has always been devoted to you, the blessed and Our Lord Jesus. Thank you for your intercession.

  62. St. Ann in so many ways. If you need a job, say the novena. This is not a joke. Anything that seems difficult or impossible or if you are desperate, pray to her as she will come through for you.

  63. Prayers to St. Anne that if it’s God’s will that I marry Dan, whom I love, that my parents may accept him with open hearts and that his two children accept me into theirs.

  64. Dear st Anne,
    My heart hurts so bad. I love this man so much it’s been a rocky road but I truly can’t see myself with anyone else. We always find our way back to each other. I ask that you soften his heart and he feels the same way I feel for him. I pray he finds God and starts to go to church with me.

  65. Dearest St. Anne,
    Please return my friend and love to me. He’s so lost. He seems confused about what path to take in his life. Help him to follow his heart and do what is right. I promise to love, appreciate, and care for him. Let him return with a stronger love and desire for me. Thank you St. Anne.

  66. Dear St Anne. One of our daughters has split up with her husband. If he’s not meant to be with her. Please let her find happiness with someone who is kind,caring, loving and trustworthy. Our other daughter is in a relationship that has been quite turbulent. If he’s not meant to be for her, let her meet her meet her soulmate, someone who will be kind, caring loving and trustworthy and let her have lots of happiness, joy, peace and love. Many thanks.

  67. St Ann.Please answer my prayers and our families today and everyday.Pray that my husband has a wonderful happy holy healthy time when he retires next month. Let us both be in excellent health to enjoy happy safe holidays and trips to lots of places of interest in the world. Let this be the best time of our lives now without any fears worries anxieties nervousnessdepressions and stress. Thank you.

  68. Dear St. Anne,
    I pray to you in hopes that RockyP. would have a change of heart and find it in himself that he, too, cares for me deeply like I do for him. Grant him the courage to talk to me and take away all the pride in his heart for forgiveness. Whisper in his heart that i never stopped loving him and will continue loving him.

    With your kind intercession, Beloved St. Anne,
    These I ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus,

  69. Thank you so much, St Anne, for helping Sarah and Will find someone exceptional to take care of Claudia.
    Thank you so much for always answering our prayers.

  70. st anne bring back mike i miss him so much i want reconcile our relationship make it better i love you st anne

  71. Most honorable patron St. Anne, I ask that my prayer and intentions to please allow me the honor to be blessed my intention and request to have my friend come back to me, rely on me, care for as I care for him, restore our bond of trust, love, and care. Thank you St. Anne, the holy mother of mother’s. Bless me please and my intentions.

  72. Most holy St. Anne, I am forever in your debt, and honor for your support of intentions. Please bless me with theses resquests and intentions I ask of you. I will forever be in your debt and honor your name and grace.

  73. Dear st Anne from the bottom of my heart please send me my husband . I’m ready . If Vic is the one for me open his heart if there is someone else open his heart . May I meet very soon . I’m ready for a relationship dear st Anne .

  74. Dear at Anne, I ask that you pray for my daughter Emily to be happy in uni and have a social outlet with friends and does not feel alone and depressed.
    Thank you for prayers answered. Xx

  75. Dear St Anne
    ,I am praying for you to lead my partner/husband to me,i am tired of singlness and lonelyness and i have FAITH that you will lead him to me.

  76. Please St Anne help Naomi heal her and let her eat well that she can be healthy and gain weight,please help me as you helps others she need your help I have tried everything it’s not helping her please I beg you help her also please bless us with another healthy child I promise to come with my gift to your church please St Anne help us hear our prayers grant us in your grandchild Jesus name Amen

  77. Thanks you St Anne for the turn around with my daughter and her new baby. She is enjoying motherhood now. We took her little o e to the right doctors to get answers.

  78. I have heard about the St Anne Novena and that she intercedes on our behalf where relationships and marriage is concerned, among a number of things.
    I want to start the Novena this Thursday for the first time as I am asking St Anne to send me the man who is to be my god ordained husband by the end of this month. My heart’s desire is to be a great wife and mother.
    Thanking St Anne in advance for answered prayers.
    Thank you Jesus. Let me recieve my heart’desire in faith.

  79. Dear St Ann,
    I am praying for healing of my autoimmune condition I was diagnosed with and healing of my parathyroid glands from my surgery.
    Please hear my prayers.

  80. I have been asking for the job of my dreams. I was praying the novena to st. Anne. On the 6th day, i received a call from my employer. And 2 days thereafter, i got the job. Thank you st. Anne for heeding my prayer. And now i am fervently asking for a good husband. I know she is hearing my prayer right now. Thank you st. Anne. I know you will not fail me.

  81. Please ask god to keep Christine safe and guide her to meet the partner who will be right for her. Thank You God

  82. dear st Anne,
    I pray you guide me to my husband this year.
    I’m ready to be a wife and mother . Please hear my prayers .

  83. Have had a fractured vertebrae, a cousin has a bum knee and a friend has prostate cancer. St. Anne’s oil has improved all three.

  84. I am praying for healing , I was diagnosed with a genetic neuropathy that has caused foot drop and muscle weakness. Thank you for your prayers

  85. Praying to St Anne to establish a serious relationship between me and Eugene,which will lead to marriage.Amen

  86. I put oil of St Ann in my breast area and pray to ST Ann that I will not have breast cancer because my only sister had breast cancer. I recently had mammogram and the result is no cancer.I am 70 years old.

  87. Thank you Saint Ann for my husband’s surgery and test results going very well.
    Thank you for praying for us.

  88. I prayed for a safe delivery and my son arrived safely and healthy.i was so worried but prayers really works. Thanks for all the prayers love and support.

  89. It is a ritual of blessing family members with St. Anne’s oil for safe travels. We are now in our 4th generation of using the oil. Thank you!

  90. Dear Brothers ,
    I prayed to St Anne her novena and litany every day. My family had not been in good terms with my eldest daughter for years no relationship with her. My other daughter was not speaking with her for 8 years and me her mother for 5 years.. My husband suffered a strokes in May and she came to the hospital with her children and she reconciled with him and the rest of the family. Now she is very supportive helping us both physical and financial. I had a bladder prolapse and was terrified of having surgery and went to physical therapy for months. I ordered 5 bottles of St Ann’s blessed oil and prayed for healing. I finally had the courage to see a gynecologist and she said I was a candidate for a pessary to hold the bladder, Its was painful but I did not have to go for surgery. I only have to go to the doctor once every three months to have it check .I feel really good. I still have more to ask St. Ann for my son has a legal problem court hearing, etc. I ask for prayers to resolve this.Please shrine of St . ann pray for my son Dean. I am suffering of heavy emotional burden due to this problem. I am praying to ST Ann novena everyday. I hope St. Ann will have the case dismiss. I will be the happiest person on earth.

  91. St .Anne than you for your kind intercession. I know that my future Son in law would be like your spouse St Joachim. Thank you.

  92. Thank you St Ann for a good doctor’s appointment and normal medical test results. Also thank you for the healing of my brother after he was seriously ill and for my sister escaping a serious accident with only minor injuries.

  93. Hello I am Pamela M I am waiting on My oil to come to me too and I will send in my donation, I believe what everyone has been saying about this oil. My aunt passed away about 25 Years ago. she had chemo therapy too, I saw her use some oil. and I was Younger then and I did not pay any attention to her at all, while she was using the oil. and by the Way Her Hair grew instead of braking off, and turning really Gray and dull like. She looked so good In her casket too, I knew that what ever she was using done her some good. I do believe that it was the St. Ann oil. and I cannot wait to start using mine, as soon as it comes in, and I will do a testimony again for myself, and also I am in my 3rd Year of Law school I will also Use the oil for very hard test that arrives too. so I can get out and help someone too. and thanks so Much, I am so glad I ran cross, the St. Ann Org. this is best ever for me I know I asked Jesus about this I know he does agree.

  94. i was taken to the emergency room at a local hospital with a severe pain running from temple to temple. The hospital did every test possible, and ruled out all of the possible problems, doing MRI, MRA, CT scan ,blood work and Spinal tapthey could not find out what was wrong,and sent me home on pain meds. on the Friday I went home a neighbor brought some St Anne’s oil. My wife read the prayer while anointing my forehead, On Saturday morning I awoke with no pain. I stopped the pain killers and the pain has not returned in two weeks. Thank you St Anne.

  95. I have seen gods work in my friend and client Yolla Saroufim . I have been her hairdresser for about 10 years . Yolla has been receiving chemo for many of these years . And yet her hair has never changed . She has not lost any hair and her hair has kept its shine and wave . I have been a hairdresser for more then 36 years and I have never seen any hair behave like this with the amount medication Yolla has had to take . Even clients taking one quarter the amount Yolla takes there is a major change in there hair .

  96. Glorious, St Ann

    Thank you for always being there for me in my darkest hours. Thank you for always taking care of me. I love you and thank you, always.

  97. Thank you St Ann for our son and daughter-in-law being able to purchase a house. Thank you for your prayers.

  98. Dear Saint Anne.
    I pray if the man at work I like, if he is the one for me than please show me he is interested in me.
    If there someone else guide me to my husband .
    Amen .
    Thank you Saint Anne I’m ready to meet my husband for the rest of my life .

  99. I went to France and saw the veil of St Anne relic. It is the cloth that they wrap her remains in box to travel to the mediterranean sea when they were exiled from their homeland to avoid persecutions of the apostles . They miraculously land in France. We were allowed to view the relic of Saint Ann which is very rare for public to see. I prayed to St Ann and now been saying the novena everyday. I pray for healing of organ prolapse and I am waiting to get the Holy Blessed oil .

  100. Thank you St Ann for safe travel and a good vacation with our family.
    Also thank you for a happy Rehearsal Dinner and a beautiful Wedding Day for our son and daughter-in-law.

  101. Thank you St Ann for helping my soninlaw to stop drinking as it was creating a lot of problems in the family Thank You

  102. I was named after St. Ann. When my mother was pregnant with me, she and my father went out to eat. Some robbers came in to the restaurant and robbed the guests at gun point. The robbers were taking necklaces, wedding bands, wallets, etc. from the guests. My mother was wearing her St. Ann pendant and the robbers looked at her necklace and moved past her. They never laid a hand on her or took any of her belongings.

  103. I bless myself daily with the Saint Anne’s oil and pray the spiritual warfare prayer in which Jesus has bless me by giving me another chance at life here on earth to be an example of expressing unconditional love, forgiveness and teaching of God’s love.

  104. Thank you St. Ann for being with me when I had my medical check up last week. Everything was ok with the doctor. Please continue to be with me and please let my blood work come back showing nothing seriously wrong. I love you so much.

  105. Thank you for the gift of St Ann’s oil. I’ve been in pain from a knee injury. Massaged oil into my knee; felt peace I haven’t felt in weeks. Just sent in a donation. Thanks again & God bless you. JMJ

  106. I give a Mass weekly to St. Ann and St Jude to help my granddaughter Sawyer Netherland who has Autism. Although she doesn’t talk ,she does say words. She is getting better and is a happy little girl. It is my prayer that she does talk with the graces of St. Ann and St. Jude.


  108. St. Ann has really interceded for me and I am so grateful for her prayerful assistance. St. Ann…please pray for us!