Lent Appeal 2019

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine and the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel. Lent is a time set aside to rekindle the meaning of our Baptism. When we were baptized as a baby, the priest prayed over us and said: “the Christian community welcomes you […]

Thank You Appeal

January 2019 Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, THANK YOU! Thank you for your generous support of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament and Saint Ann’s Shrine! We are so thankful for your kindness and appreciate your prayers of support and your sharing of your personal resources. Your support fortifies the sustainability of Saint Ann’s […]

2019 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends of the Blessed Sacrament Community, A year ago, I wrote to you about the launch of a new initiative, an Annual Appeal to support the mission of the Congregation in the United States and the priests, brothers, and deacons of our Blessed Sacrament Community who daily live out their Eucharistic calling through their […]

Christmas 2018 Appeal

Jesus Came Once, He Remains Forever This idyllic painting by Joseph Paelinck, a Belgian artist, is not a Nativity Scene as such, but it is associated with the spirit of Christmas and the family gatherings that make it such a unique feast day. This attractive painting brings the entire Holy Family together for a group […]

All Souls Day 2018

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, On November 2, we will celebrate “All Souls’ Day.” It gives us a time to remember all those who have passed from this life to the next and are assured of enjoying the blessedness of heaven, but require purification before doing so. The notion of praying for the dead […]

Mary’s Birthday!

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, BIRTHDAYS’ ARE FOR CELEBRATING LIFE! We all want family and friends to remember and celebrate our birthday, don’t we? Human life on planet earth is a gift from God through the work and love of our parents. Our presence here, for however long God gives us, is our opportunity […]

Saint Ann’s Feast Day!

JESUS LOVED HIS GRANDMOTHER ANN, SO DO WE! If you search the Internet for “Saint Ann, grandmother of Jesus” you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that she is loved and venerated across the globe with magnificent Churches, like the Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupre in Quebec, innumerable parish churches bear her name and […]

Celebrating Mother’s & Father’s Day

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, A HAPPY AND BLESSED MOTHER’S and FATHER’S DAY TO YOU! Mother’s and Father’s Day is a time when we express our love and gratitude to those who have given us so much of their lives for us. It is a time to express the love and gratitude that we […]


Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, We all have experienced sorrows in our lives. Sorrows are inevitably a part of every life. It may come from the loss of position, health problems, or the loss of personal relationships. The greatest are those of the death of a loved one, a beloved parent, a brother or […]

Lent Appeal Letter from Father Mike

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, The 40 days of the season of Lent in the Church’s liturgical cycle is the time when we are asked to participate in the life of Christ in a special way. We too often consider it just a time to give up something that we like. We make a […]