Lent 2021

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, Here we are in January of a hopefully better new year, and so I ask: have you been immunized yet with the protective vaccine capable of saving you from COVID-19 19 and its possible serious effects on your life? If not yet…be patient, your turn will come soon! Thanks […]

Thank You Appeal!

January 2021 THANK YOU! On behalf of Fr. Roger Bourgeois, Chaplain of Saint Ann’s Shrine, the Saint Ann Shrine’s Staff, and the Community of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and generous support of Saint Ann’s Shrine, especially in these challenging times of […]

Christmas 2020

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, For many people, Christmas is the most important feast of the year. It is not simply the tradition of family gatherings and gift giving. There is something very touching about the picture that St. Luke paints for us that we try to capture in our Christmas scenes each year. […]

All Souls Day 2020

All Souls Day is a very special tradition we celebrate in our Catholic faith. It is a time we set aside to honor and celebrate those who are no longer with us on earth. We pray for their souls that they may fully live in God’s love. Our prayers are powerful and they help heal […]

Feast of the Holy Rosary: October 7th

Dear Friends of Saint Ann and her Shrine, Sometimes the rush and events of everyday life cause us to lose our peace. We worry and hope for so many things and we forget the serenity we can find in the simple yet important things in life. This is especially true as our country deals with […]

Mary’s Birthday/Grandparents Day 2020

Every birthday shouts: welcome to life on planet earth! Dear Friends of Saint Ann and her Shrine, When God decided to send his only Son Jesus to earth as a human, he chose three special persons: Ann and her husband Joachim who would give birth to a daughter named Mary, who in turn would be […]

Novena; Saint Ann’s Feast Day

Dear Friend of Saint Ann and her Shrine, Good Saint Ann is such an important part of our faith filled lives. She continues to impact our families everyday as we pray to her to intercede for our special intentions and guide us. Here at her Shrine, we receive phone calls, emails, and letters from our […]

Mother’s & Father’s Day 2020

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, When we think of the days when we celebrate our mothers and fathers, or even our grandparents, we tend to think of the love and tenderness we received from them as their little children. And that is only natural. But should it be so? Most of you who receive […]

Easter 2020

Dear Friends of Saint Ann Shrine, Easter is a delightful opportunity to celebrate with loved ones as the early stages of Spring begin to take place. Spring signifies a rebirth to bright and sunny days, flowers blooming in the garden, grass growing greener. Jesus’ resurrection invokes a rebirth in our spiritual “garden” as well. We […]

Lent 2020

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, On February 14, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. It is a wonderful opportunity to openly express our love and appreciation to special people who enrich our lives. In the weeks leading up to the festive day, we see red hearts everywhere enticing us to open our hearts not only to […]