Mary’s Birthday Appeal 2021

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, No matter how many birthdays we have already celebrated, the actual day still manages to excite us as it stirs up gratitude for the gift of life and hopes that loved ones will remember the good times we have shared! When God decided to send his only Son Jesus […]

Saint Ann & Saint Joachim Feast Day 2021!!

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, “Together-Forever” is a favorite wedding theme extolling the heart of Christian marriage. This coming July 26th, our church celebrates the feast of Saints Joachim and Ann, parents of Mary, and grandparents of Jesus. Prior to 1960, each of them had a separate liturgical feast in their honor, Joachim was […]

Legacy Society Appeal 2021

May 2021 Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, On July 5, 2021, I will celebrate five years of working with Saint Ann’s Shrine and the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. It has been a wonderful journey filled with lots of “to do” lists, goals striving to be accomplished, and relationships developed. My most favorite thing […]

Mother’s & Father’s Day Appeal 2021

May 2021 Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, I would imagine we all have been influenced by our parents in one way, shape, or form. Our mothers and fathers have been a support system to us for our entire lives. They are the foundations upon which our families have been built. Maybe you also learned […]

Easter Appeal

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, Happy Easter season to all! Christ is risen, alleluia! Let us celebrate and be glad! Resurrection is at the heart of God’s promise of eternal life to us. While we bask once again in the spring beauty and wonder of Mother Nature’s rebirth, the blooming flowers, the singing birds, […]

Lent 2021

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, Here we are in January of a hopefully better new year, and so I ask: have you been immunized yet with the protective vaccine capable of saving you from COVID-19 19 and its possible serious effects on your life? If not yet…be patient, your turn will come soon! Thanks […]

Thank You Appeal!

January 2021 THANK YOU! On behalf of Fr. Roger Bourgeois, Chaplain of Saint Ann’s Shrine, the Saint Ann Shrine’s Staff, and the Community of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and generous support of Saint Ann’s Shrine, especially in these challenging times of […]

Christmas 2020

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine, For many people, Christmas is the most important feast of the year. It is not simply the tradition of family gatherings and gift giving. There is something very touching about the picture that St. Luke paints for us that we try to capture in our Christmas scenes each year. […]

All Souls Day 2020

All Souls Day is a very special tradition we celebrate in our Catholic faith. It is a time we set aside to honor and celebrate those who are no longer with us on earth. We pray for their souls that they may fully live in God’s love. Our prayers are powerful and they help heal […]

Feast of the Holy Rosary: October 7th

Dear Friends of Saint Ann and her Shrine, Sometimes the rush and events of everyday life cause us to lose our peace. We worry and hope for so many things and we forget the serenity we can find in the simple yet important things in life. This is especially true as our country deals with […]