Saint Ann & Saint Joachim Feast Day 2021!!

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine,

“Together-Forever” is a favorite wedding theme extolling the heart of Christian marriage. This coming July 26th, our church celebrates the feast of Saints Joachim and Ann, parents of Mary, and grandparents of Jesus. Prior to 1960, each of them had a separate liturgical feast in their honor, Joachim was on August 16th and Ann was always on July 26th. It took several centuries for the church to notice that it split up their “together-forever” commitment, but finally, since 1960, we now celebrate them united as one tremendous couple who contributed so importantly to the education and character formation of their only daughter Mary, our tainted nature’s solitary boast, whom God chose to mother Jesus, the human-divine Savior of the world.

Although neither of them is ever mentioned in the gospels, we should never underestimate the influence they had on the two most important individuals in the Mystery of Salvation – Mary and Jesus. Saint Ann is much better known than her husband Joachim, having several famous shrines and many churches dedicated to her name around the world. But both of them worked as a team, each contributing their united love, faith and guidance to their daughter and grandson. As a couple, both Ann and Joachim are reverenced as models of marital fidelity and molders of children as parents and grandparents.

So it is with a happy heart that the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament and the staff of Saint Ann’s Shrine here in Highland Heights Ohio, announce the Triduum devotions to honor both Saints Ann and Joachim at the weekend Masses on July 24 (4:30 pm –blessing of children); the 25th (6:30pm with Anointing of the sick); the 26th (6:30 pm. with a candlelight procession and prayers).

All friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine are invited to gather together to re-invigorate our faith as we join in the celebration of Eucharist every evening and pray to Saints Ann and Joachim to intercede with their daughter Mary and grandson Jesus to end the current pandemic and to foster a renewed appreciation of human life throughout the world.

Please know that you and your intentions of prayer are remembered at the Eucharistic Liturgy, Monday – Friday, in Saint Ann’s Chapel, and that your contributions are appreciated for the continuing retirement and educational needs of our religious priests and brothers.


Blessings and Continued Good Health,

Triduum Flyer 2021
Roger Bourgeois, SSS, Chaplain


We are sorry to share that Very Reverend Anthony Schueller, SSS, Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament in the United States, passed away on Saturday, April 24, 2021. Fr. Tony served many roles with in the Congregation including Pastor at multiple parishes and Provincial Superior twice. He was a gifted writer and speaker, and an extremely humble and kind man who touched many by his Eucharistic vision and living. His passion was collaboration with the laity, especially through the formation of our Associates of the Blessed Sacrament. Please keep him, his family, and the Blessed Sacrament Community in your prayers. May he Rest In Peace.


*A nine-day Novena is celebrated at Saint Jean Baptiste Church in New York City from July 17th through July 26th with Mass at 7:30PM each day.

*On July 26, 2021, we are hosting our 2nd Annual “Saint Ann Giving Day” at Saint Ann’s Shrine. We ask you to consider a special gift in honor of Saint Ann and Saint Joachim’s Feast Day where proceeds benefit the yearly operations of the Shrine here in Cleveland. Our goal for this endeavor is $20,210, to coincide with the calendar year 2021. You can help us reach our goal by making a gift online through PayPal at, calling us in the office at 440-449-2700 (Monday through Friday), or through using United States mail. Thank you in advance for your support of this new undertaking, and for your generous support! We are here for you for all of your spiritual needs!!

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