All Souls Day 2020

All Souls Day is a very special tradition we celebrate in our Catholic faith. It is a time we set aside to honor and celebrate those who are no longer with us on earth. We pray for their souls that they may fully live in God’s love. Our prayers are powerful and they help heal and purify our loved ones so they can fully live in God’s light.

We have faith that God hears us and that Good Saint Ann hears our prayers too. She listens to what our hearts long for and need. She intercedes on our behalf to her Grandson, Our Savior Jesus Christ. We believe this sincerely with all our hearts!

The notion of praying for the dead goes back to the beginnings of the Catholic church. The Church has always taught that all of us are linked from here on earth to purgatory to heaven. Our prayers are all linked as we celebrate “All Souls’ Day.” It gives us a time to remember all those who have passed from this life to the next and are assured of enjoying the blessedness of heaven.

There is ample evidence of the custom of praying for the dead in the inscriptions of the catacombs, with their constant prayers for the peace of the souls of the departed, and in the early liturgies. I served in the Philippines for many years. They would celebrate this a day by spending the entire day in the cemeteries celebrating their loved ones whom had passed. They bring picnic lunches and have celebratory reunions with their families.

Our happy memories of our loved ones who’ve passed on makes us smile through the difficult times. Our faith in God’s grace promises us that we will join those loved ones some day in our heavenly home. We are thankful to God for these people having been in our lives. They are truly gifts from God and they gave us joy and happiness, and taught us meaningful lessons.

We here at Saint Ann’s Shrine are giving you the opportunity to continue your loving relationship to your beloved members of your family who have preceded you in death. Please join us in a Novena of masses for them by sending us their names with your donation. Your generosity is a sacrifice which you make on their behalf and it will be used by the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament to continue bringing the love of Our Lord into the lives of many people, as well as continuing our ministry of prayer here at Saint Ann’s Shrine. Your special and personal intentions are always placed at the feet of Saint Ann’s statue here at the Shrine, where I am sure that Good Saint Ann will support you with her intercession.

Thank you very much for your help to us as well as for those you love.

Yours In Good Saint Ann,

Fr. Roger


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