All Souls Day 2019

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine,

The month of November always starts off with a “triple bang”, Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls. Halloween is a special time of the year when children and adults don costumes and make themselves look like someone else – a scary monster or a famous person, a movie star or an outstanding athlete. It’s only a short day that permits us to look like someone different than who we really are. It’s a day of fun and friendship in anticipation of the following two days, when we honor all the heroes of our faith, some canonized, most not, who so faithfully served God in their lifetime and have become models for ours and are now safely home with God in the joys of Eternal Life.

All Saints Day is OUR feast day also because we are each the son or daughter of God by baptism and are an integral member of God’s Family as Adopted Children. For as many days as God sees fit to give us, we strive as best we can to imitate the life and values of Jesus as taught by our Church, and then God calls us home to be with him. On that day, we become one of the ALL SOULS awaiting anxiously God’s certain and welcoming embrace.

The prayers and especially the celebration of Eucharist on All Souls Day itself, as well as the many Masses that people lovingly offer in memory of deceased loved ones attest to the unity we feel between the living on earth, the deceased, and their ultimate numbering among the Saints in heaven.

Prayers for your loved ones, and for all the faithful departed, is a long-standing tradition of the Catholic Church. So, here at Saint Ann’s Shrine, we will have a Novena of Masses for all the names you send in of the people in your family or friends you wish to be prayed for. These names will be placed before the statue of Saint Ann. Whatever donations you might be able to offer will be a much-appreciated help toward the continuing of our mission work at Saint Ann’s Shrine and the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

In The Spirit of Good Saint Ann,

Father Roger Bourgeois, SSS

Chaplain, Saint Ann’s Shrine


* Our Blessed Sacrament Community in Bethany and Regina pray for you daily. Please let us know of any special intentions you’d like us to remember. The Blessed Sacrament Community supports you in prayer and Eucharist. You can submit your prayer though our website and request a candle to be lit for your special intentions at

* Your loved ones can be remembered during Mass at Saint Ann’s Shrine. Call 440-449-2700 for details.

* We invite you and your group to join us at Saint Ann’s Shrine for Daily Mass at 11:30AM, Monday-Friday (call for Holidays)

* The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament offers a daily devotion/reflection. If you’d like to receive this uplifting message, simply send an email to

* We have Blessed Oil and Holy Water available for a donation. Contact Saint Ann Shrine at 440-449-2700 or

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* Please ask your employer if they support a matching gift program and your donation may be doubled!

* Please consider becoming a member of our Legacy Society by naming Saint Ann’s Shrine or the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament in your will. For more information, please contact Scott Gongos, Director of Mission Advancement, at 440-449-2700 or We currently have 295 friends who have committed to the long-term sustainability of Saint Ann’s Shrine and the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament! Thank You for your generosity!!!