Celebrating Mother’s & Father’s Day

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine,


Mother’s and Father’s Day is a time when we express our love and gratitude to those who have given us so much of their lives for us. It is a time to express the love and gratitude that we have every day.

Our mothers are worthy of all we can do for them since they not only gave us life, but nurtured that life physically, socially, morally, and spiritually. How can we not be grateful and giving of love for them! I (Fr. Mike) brought tears to my mother’s eyes when I thanked her for all the moral lessons she gave me, often with discipline but always with love. I told her that when I was in the seminary the easiest course for me was moral theology, because she had taught all it’s principals to me and my four brothers, as I had no sisters. All that I had to do was learn the terminology used in the studies.

It was her love of me and my brothers that enabled us to reach out to others with love and caring. It was her and my fathers love for others, inviting those with no families to dinners, bringing them into our home to be warmed and given warmer clothing, those who, sometimes drunk, were out in the freezing cold, that brought us to know how to care and help the poor.

It was out of her love that she sometimes gave financial help to my brothers, though she had not any excessive money herself. It was her love that brought her to grieving and praying for them when her children died before she herself did.

We all have another mother who love us, cares for our needs, provides us with guidance, and prays to our Heavenly Father for us. She is our Blessed Mother, Mary, Mother of Jesus, and mother of the Church. When we read of Mary in the Scriptures we note that she always points to and reveals her son as Our Lord and God. Mary’s motherhood began with her saying “Yes” to God, a “yes” that she continued even to the foot of the cross where she stood as her Son hung, suffering and dying.

The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament has Our Blessed Mother as a patroness under the title of OUR LADY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. We join Mary in inviting all to know Our Lord through bringing them to know His love and care through the gift of Himself to us. Our Blessed Mother is our example and guide in doing this. Additionally, Good Saint Ann and Saint Joachim were such good role models as they prepared the way for the Holy Family. We are grateful for the impact they made on the Holy Family and all of us!

At Saint Ann’s Shrine, we ask your assistance in undertaking this in union with Our Blessed Mother. Please join us in celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Day by sharing in the Mother’s Day novena of masses and prayers. What a great way to honor our mothers by this prayer for them to share in the life, death, and resurrection of Our Lord. It is a joining in all that our mothers and ourselves with all for which we were created, union with Our Lord and God in this life and entrance into the fullness of His life in the next.

If your mother and/or father has already passed from this life, these prayers will assist them in their passage through death to the fullness of life. There they join the Mother of God in interceding for our guidance and needs. Thank you for your financial gifts and assistance in memory of those you love and may all mothers and fathers have the joy of knowing Our Lord in their lives and parenthood and the lives of their children.


Yours in Good Saint Ann,

Fr. Mike Noreika, SSS                                      Fr. Roger Bourgeois, SSS

Spiritual Director                                              Chaplain


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