Mother’s/Father’s Day Appeal Letter

May 2017


Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s Shrine,


We all have people in our lives that have made a profound impact in who we are today. Some of them might have been our priests, nuns, spouses, teachers, coaches, grandparents, aunts, or uncles who all made lasting impressions on our religious beliefs, personalities, and career paths.

I would imagine we all have been influenced by our parents in one way, shape, or form. Our mothers and fathers have been a support system to us for our entire lives. They are the foundations upon which our families have been built. We also learned how to raise children due to their examples, discipline, sacrifices, and unconditional love they showed for us! Let us take this time to celebrate and honor them this time of year!!!

As we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day 2017, lets express our gratitude for the wonderful example our own parents gave to us as we experience our life’s journey. Whether we thank them in person, in thought, or in prayer, let us remember to express our gratitude to our parents who supported and guided us through the high’s and low’s of life.

Let us also rejoice in the wonderful influence and example that our Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, has given us as well! They all expressed unconditional love, made great sacrifices, and were great role models for us as children, parents, and grandparents!! Let us keep them in our prayers and thank them for leading us down the correct path in the ways they lived their lives. We also pray in gratitude to Good Saint Ann for her great leadership and support in the numerous ways she has been such a great role model to all of us alike: men and women!

Let us know of the special mother, father, grandparent, etc. that made an impact on your life by including their name on the enclosed reply slip. Your generous gift to this appeal will serve as gratitude of those people who molded and shaped your faith and were incredible examples of how to live spiritual and vibrant lives!!!


Sincerely Yours in Good Saint Ann,


Fr. Mike Norweika, SSS                                  Fr. Roger Bourgeois, SSS

Spiritual Director                                              Chaplain




*We have Blessed Oil and Holy Water available at Saint Ann’s Shrine. Suggested donation is $6.00 per bottle. Please contact the Shrine for more information at 440-449-2700 or

*Remember your mother and/or father with a Memorial Mass at Saint Ann’s Shrine. Suggested donation is $10.00 per Mass. Please contact the Shrine for more information at 440-449-2700 or

*Join us at Saint Ann’s Shrine for Daily Mass at 11:30 AM, Monday-Friday (call for Holidays).

*Join us for the Triduum this summer as we celebrate Mass in honor of Saint Ann’s Feast Day while hosting Mass on July 24th, 25th, and 26th at Saint Paschal Baylon Church at 7:00 PM each night. The Hilton Garden Inn in Mayfield Village has a block of rooms reserved for our friends who will be joining us. Contact Scott Gongos at 440-449-2700 or for details!

*A nine-day Novena in honor of Saint Ann’s Feast Day is celebrated at Saint Jean Baptiste Church in New York City from July 17 through July 26 with Mass at 7:30 PM each day.

*Please consult your current or former employer for their Matching Gift Program. Your gift may be doubled!



O good Saint Ann, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, and grandmother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, we ask your powerful intercession for our family. Grant us the gifts of mutual love, harmony and peace. May the example and holiness of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, be lived out in our family. Thus may we come to have Our Lord in our midst, bring His kingdom into a deeper reality and come to eternal life together.

We ask this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.