Mary’s Birthday September 8


Dear Friend,

In this “Holy Year of Mercy”, who better to honor than Mary, Our Blessed Mother?  She is an example and comfort to all of us and we celebrate her birth each September 8.  We thank Mary for bringing the Son of God into the world and remember all she means to us.

Our Blessed Mother holds a precious place in all of our hearts.  When we feel sadness, worry, or fear we can look to Mary for guidance, just as she surely looked to her mother, our beautiful Saint Ann.

The Year of Mercy is an invitation to explore love, kindness, and generosity. Pope Francis encourages us to share mercy with others because it is a path to God who can transform our life, relationships, work, and our ability to embrace and experience all of life.

Saint Ann and Mary were mothers.  They understand the concerns parents have for their children, even if their children have grown up and have children of their own.  Saint Ann and Mary have so much love in their hearts that they share their love with all of us.  All we have to do is ask.

Mary is the human side of Christ.  By accepting God’s will, she became “most blessed among… women” (Luke. 1:42).  Pope Francis said we too have “always been ‘blessed’, that is loved”.  Mary’s example shows us that we too can receive God’s grace.

Mary’s birthday has a special significance at Saint Ann’s Shrine since Good Saint Ann prayed for her birth.  After many years of being childless, God granted the prayers of Saint Ann and her husband Saint Joachim.  They devoted their daughter Mary’s life to God, and Mary eventually became the mother to Jesus.

The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament has a special devotion to Mary because her mother, Saint Ann, is the patroness of our province.

Help us share the love of Saint Ann, Mary, and Jesus.  Your birthday gift to Mary through Saint Ann’s Shrine is a way of honoring her gift to us, her Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  You are helping us live our mission by spreading the word of God through the love of the Eucharist.

Mary’s birthday is a wonderful time to thank God for all our blessings. Even when we have problems in our lives, Saint Ann, Mary, and Jesus are there to provide us with comfort.  Whatever your needs, do not be afraid to ask Good Saint Ann and her daughter Mary to intercede for you!

Send us your concerns and the names of people in need of prayers so we can present them to Saints Ann and Mary for their intercession.

Birthdays are special times in families, and you are a special part of the Saint Ann’s Shrine family!  May our Blessed Mother Mary, her Son Jesus, and His grandmother Good Saint Ann bless you and keep you in their loving care!

Yours in Saint Ann and her daughter Mary,

Rev. Michael P. Noreika SSS
Saint Ann’s Shrine Spiritual Director

Rev. Roger Bourgeois SSS
Saint Ann’s Shrine Chaplain

P.S. Mary can never be outdone in giving gifts.  She has already given us the gift of the very Son of God!  May all her blessings and gifts be yours as you rejoice at her life and birthday.