Saint Ann’s Feast Day


Dear Friend,

Prayers are answered when someone asks the intercession of Good Saint Ann.  To thank her for her intercession throughout the year, we welcome you and your loved ones to join us in celebrating Ann and Joachim, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary on their Feast Day, July 26th.

We’re sure you know the power and love of grandparents.  Grandparents contact us here at Saint Ann’s Shrine all the time.  Their prayer intentions are often full of love and concern for their families.  In the same way, Saints Ann and Joachim show their love for us when they intercede for us with their grandson, Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to trust in the influence of Good Saint Ann — she can do wonderful things for you.  If you haven’t sought her powerful intercession yet, now is the time to begin!  Celebrate with us by attending either the Triduum in Cleveland or the Novena in New York City.

If you are unable to attend either of these celebrations, you can still join us in prayer.  Send us your prayer intentions and we will pray for them throughout our Novena of Masses at Saint Ann’s Shrine, and we invite you to pray with us during these special days.

Saint Ann cares for all of us, especially infants, children, pregnant women, the sick, and the elderly.  We receive many letters of thanks from people sharing the miracles they have experienced through the powerful intercession of Good Saint Ann and when they use Saint Ann’s blessed oil.

I have been blessed and trust that the power of prayers and Saint Ann’s intercession did make a miracle in my life!  The powerful intercession of Saint Ann never fails!  God bless you all.  Keep up the good work! ~ Laura H. from Fairfied Glade, TN

Thanks to Saint Ann for all her help whenever I ask special favors of her.  She has been and always will be a great friend of mine! ~ Jackie M. from Milltown, NJ

Thank you very much for sending Saint Ann’s Blessed Oil.  I use it every night on my stomach where I had major surgery.  Saint Ann’s oil has helped me heal.  I couldn’t have gotten better without it.  I continue to use it.  Thank you all for your continued prayers!  It means so much to know prayers and candles are heading up to the Lord and His family! ~ Cathy D. from Bloomfield Hills, MI

My heart is full of gratitude for the help Saint Ann has procured for our family, through the help of your prayers, and from God. ~ Peg and Vince M. from Plano, TX

Aren’t these testimonials moving and inspiring?  If you have a personal story of help or healing received through the intercession of Saint Ann that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!  Remember, Saint Ann’s blessed oil is available.  Call or write to get a bottle for yourself or someone special in your life.

Please remember our ministry with a financial gift as well.  It is through your generosity that the Blessed Sacrament Fathers and Brothers are able to share Saint Ann’s message of love and healing with so many.  You are truly a partner in our ministry.

We can’t do it alone.  We need your prayers and support to sustain us in our mission of bringing Saint Ann to the lives of those in need of her favors.  Everyone in the Saint Ann’s Shrine family prays for you and your loved ones, wishing for you to be blessed and filled with God’s grace, love, and understanding.  All of us here are kneeling alongside you, asking for Saint Ann’s intercession on your behalf.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Father Michael P. Noreika, SSS, Spiritual Director
Father Roger Bourgeois, SSS, Chaplain

P.S. Join us in prayer July 24-26 in Cleveland or July 17-26 in New York City and tell Saint Ann how much you appreciate her love and help throughout the year!

Saint Ann’s Feast Day Schedule

Cleveland, Ohio
Three-day Triduum
Saint Paschal Baylon Church
July 24th through July 26th
Call 440-449-2700 for more information

New York City, New York
Nine-day Novena
Saint Jean Baptiste Church
July 17th through July 26th
Call 212-288-5082 for more information