All Souls Day November 2, 2015

15ALLS Web MastheadDear Friend,

Do you remember Sunday dinners with the aroma of fresh food cooking, the sound of laughter, the smiling faces of family and friends?

Now, it may seem like too many places around the table are empty because many of our loved ones have passed onto the next life, but they are in a better place. They are preparing a seat for us in heaven where we can feel their hugs and kisses again.

We can help them through our prayers because our prayers are powerful.

While we know our deceased loved ones are with God, it takes time for them to adjust to His light. Our prayers help heal and purify them so they can more fully share in this experience. Prayer is a Christian obligation and a powerful gift which demonstrates Christian charity and thoughtfulness.

Saint Ann’s Shrine is a place of comfort for those in need. Sometimes, even when we know our loved ones are with God, it’s hard for us because we miss them so much. Remembering them in our prayers keeps them alive in our hearts and helps them in their journey to heaven.

As we pray, remember the Virgin Mary’s own mother, Good Saint Ann, is a tender and faithful intercessor on our behalf with her Grandson, Jesus Christ. Saint Ann offers us the consolation and tenderness that only a loving grandmother can bring.

Please send me the names of your deceased loved ones. They will be included in our 9-day Novena at Saint Ann’s Shrine. We will share your prayers that the souls of the people you love experience the full richness of God’s love. Don’t let these important people be forgotten!

Please join us in prayer on each day of our Novena of Masses which begin on November 1.

At Saint Ann’s Shrine, your prayer requests are always remembered, and even loved ones who have been deceased for many years can benefit from prayers. Eternal life has no time limits!

Your generosity supports the mission of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament and brings people to the perfect love of her Grandson, our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your special gift in memory of your deceased loved ones. Whether large or small, you are helping us help those in need. We can’t do it without you!

Celebrating All Souls Day is a way that we can help our loved ones until we see them again. Thank God for promising we will see them again in a better world, and thank God that He shared these special people with us.

The path to heaven is paved with thousands of prayers. Make sure your prayers are some of those paving stones.

Yours in Good Saint Ann,

Rev. Michael P. Noreika, SSS
Spiritual Director

P.S. In an effort to save costs we won’t be sending Christmas cards this year, but we’ll be happy to send you beautiful cards from previous years. Please call and tell us how many cards you’d like to receive. Limited amount available.