Thank You!

Thank You Script2014 New BeginningsThank you to all of the generous people who supported the ministry of Saint Ann’s Shrine and the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament in 2014. You helped spread God’s love across the country and around the world.

Besides launching this website in 2014, Saint Ann’s Shrine is also on Facebook.  Like us HERE and you’ll receive news about the Shrine, a Biblical quote, or an inspirational saying every weekday.

Saint Ann’s Shrine is a holy place where we honor your prayer intentions and say the Masses and Novenas for you and your loved ones. All of your intentions are read and valued, and I encourage you to keep sending them in.

All of us at Saint Ann’s Shrine are grateful for your support. May you and your family experience health, wealth, happiness, and blessings throughout 2015!

Yours in Good Saint Ann,

Rev. Michael P. Noreika, SSS
Spiritual Director, Saint Ann’s Shrine