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  1. I put oil of St Ann in my breast area and pray to ST Ann that I will not have breast cancer because my only sister had breast cancer. I recently had mammogram and the result is no cancer.I am 70 years old.

  2. Thank you Saint Ann for my husband’s surgery and test results going very well.
    Thank you for praying for us.

  3. I prayed for a safe delivery and my son arrived safely and healthy.i was so worried but prayers really works. Thanks for all the prayers love and support.

  4. It is a ritual of blessing family members with St. Anne’s oil for safe travels. We are now in our 4th generation of using the oil. Thank you!

  5. Dear Brothers ,
    I prayed to St Anne her novena and litany every day. My family had not been in good terms with my eldest daughter for years no relationship with her. My other daughter was not speaking with her for 8 years and me her mother for 5 years.. My husband suffered a strokes in May and she came to the hospital with her children and she reconciled with him and the rest of the family. Now she is very supportive helping us both physical and financial. I had a bladder prolapse and was terrified of having surgery and went to physical therapy for months. I ordered 5 bottles of St Ann’s blessed oil and prayed for healing. I finally had the courage to see a gynecologist and she said I was a candidate for a pessary to hold the bladder, Its was painful but I did not have to go for surgery. I only have to go to the doctor once every three months to have it check .I feel really good. I still have more to ask St. Ann for my son has a legal problem court hearing, etc. I ask for prayers to resolve this.Please shrine of St . ann pray for my son Dean. I am suffering of heavy emotional burden due to this problem. I am praying to ST Ann novena everyday. I hope St. Ann will have the case dismiss. I will be the happiest person on earth.

  6. St .Anne than you for your kind intercession. I know that my future Son in law would be like your spouse St Joachim. Thank you.

  7. Thank you St Ann for a good doctor’s appointment and normal medical test results. Also thank you for the healing of my brother after he was seriously ill and for my sister escaping a serious accident with only minor injuries.

  8. Hello I am Pamela M I am waiting on My oil to come to me too and I will send in my donation, I believe what everyone has been saying about this oil. My aunt passed away about 25 Years ago. she had chemo therapy too, I saw her use some oil. and I was Younger then and I did not pay any attention to her at all, while she was using the oil. and by the Way Her Hair grew instead of braking off, and turning really Gray and dull like. She looked so good In her casket too, I knew that what ever she was using done her some good. I do believe that it was the St. Ann oil. and I cannot wait to start using mine, as soon as it comes in, and I will do a testimony again for myself, and also I am in my 3rd Year of Law school I will also Use the oil for very hard test that arrives too. so I can get out and help someone too. and thanks so Much, I am so glad I ran cross, the St. Ann Org. this is best ever for me I know I asked Jesus about this I know he does agree.

  9. i was taken to the emergency room at a local hospital with a severe pain running from temple to temple. The hospital did every test possible, and ruled out all of the possible problems, doing MRI, MRA, CT scan ,blood work and Spinal tapthey could not find out what was wrong,and sent me home on pain meds. on the Friday I went home a neighbor brought some St Anne’s oil. My wife read the prayer while anointing my forehead, On Saturday morning I awoke with no pain. I stopped the pain killers and the pain has not returned in two weeks. Thank you St Anne.

  10. I have seen gods work in my friend and client Yolla Saroufim . I have been her hairdresser for about 10 years . Yolla has been receiving chemo for many of these years . And yet her hair has never changed . She has not lost any hair and her hair has kept its shine and wave . I have been a hairdresser for more then 36 years and I have never seen any hair behave like this with the amount medication Yolla has had to take . Even clients taking one quarter the amount Yolla takes there is a major change in there hair .

  11. Glorious, St Ann

    Thank you for always being there for me in my darkest hours. Thank you for always taking care of me. I love you and thank you, always.

  12. Thank you St Ann for our son and daughter-in-law being able to purchase a house. Thank you for your prayers.

  13. Dear Saint Anne.
    I pray if the man at work I like, if he is the one for me than please show me he is interested in me.
    If there someone else guide me to my husband .
    Amen .
    Thank you Saint Anne I’m ready to meet my husband for the rest of my life .

  14. I went to France and saw the veil of St Anne relic. It is the cloth that they wrap her remains in box to travel to the mediterranean sea when they were exiled from their homeland to avoid persecutions of the apostles . They miraculously land in France. We were allowed to view the relic of Saint Ann which is very rare for public to see. I prayed to St Ann and now been saying the novena everyday. I pray for healing of organ prolapse and I am waiting to get the Holy Blessed oil .

  15. Thank you St Ann for safe travel and a good vacation with our family.
    Also thank you for a happy Rehearsal Dinner and a beautiful Wedding Day for our son and daughter-in-law.

  16. Thank you St Ann for helping my soninlaw to stop drinking as it was creating a lot of problems in the family Thank You

  17. I was named after St. Ann. When my mother was pregnant with me, she and my father went out to eat. Some robbers came in to the restaurant and robbed the guests at gun point. The robbers were taking necklaces, wedding bands, wallets, etc. from the guests. My mother was wearing her St. Ann pendant and the robbers looked at her necklace and moved past her. They never laid a hand on her or took any of her belongings.

  18. I bless myself daily with the Saint Anne’s oil and pray the spiritual warfare prayer in which Jesus has bless me by giving me another chance at life here on earth to be an example of expressing unconditional love, forgiveness and teaching of God’s love.

  19. Thank you St. Ann for being with me when I had my medical check up last week. Everything was ok with the doctor. Please continue to be with me and please let my blood work come back showing nothing seriously wrong. I love you so much.

  20. Thank you for the gift of St Ann’s oil. I’ve been in pain from a knee injury. Massaged oil into my knee; felt peace I haven’t felt in weeks. Just sent in a donation. Thanks again & God bless you. JMJ

  21. I give a Mass weekly to St. Ann and St Jude to help my granddaughter Sawyer Netherland who has Autism. Although she doesn’t talk ,she does say words. She is getting better and is a happy little girl. It is my prayer that she does talk with the graces of St. Ann and St. Jude.


  23. St. Ann has really interceded for me and I am so grateful for her prayerful assistance. St. Ann…please pray for us!